a gift from mother nature

Once known as a poor man’s food, the humble potato has become the world’s most important non-grain crop. Rightfully so! Potatoes contain nearly every important vitamin and nutrient, making their life-supporting properties second to none. But how do you stand out with potato products when they’re literally everywhere? The trick is to alter their texture, taste, look, colour and nutritional value to perfection. Let’s put your aspirations and our solutions together.

solutions for French (or Belgian or American or …) fries

Many countries have tried to claim the fried potato as their own invention. In the end, though, fry-lovers all want the same crispy experience when they ask for a serving – wherever they are. With premium gluten-free clear coatings, we help you meet those expectations with frying colours. Do you prefer a heavy coat for that rustic touch instead? Sure thing. Whichever way you go, you’ll get consistent quality and unprecedented hold times.

solutions for Potato wedges

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Wedges are the favourite comfort food of go-getters as well as couch potatoes (pun intended). Tickle their senses with Solina’s rustic-style coatings, developed by a team of potato lovers with decades of hands-on experience. In other words, put your half-baked plans aside and start wowing your customers today.

solutions for Potato croquettes

Health-based food habits such as gluten-free diets are still a burning topic in today’s food industry. How do you take them into account without compromising on texture, taste, look or colour? Well, for croquettes and other potato products, we have various options lined up for you, from breadcrumb coatings to exquisite binders.

solutions for mashed potatoes

Are duchess potatoes or other mashed potato products your specialty? Then you know deciding between different binders isn’t a case of ‘potayto, potahto’. Success depends on making the right choice – a choice we can help you with.

seasonings for potatoes

Potatoes are popular for all the right reasons, but no one will deny that adding delicious seasoning will make them even more appealing. Creole, hot and spicy, Asian, pepper-style… you name it, we have it. We can integrate them into the potato coating or you can just apply them after preparation. Again, the options are endless. It’s your call.


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Inspirational Concepts

Our integrated solutions to create market-leading food products is exemplified by our inspirational concepts.

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how we make you excel


How we alter the texture, taste, look and colour of your products is obviously up to you. We’re here to advise, assist and execute. Teamwork makes the dream work potatoes twerk.

integrated solutions

We provide solutions, not products. Meaning we think about the application options as well as the implications for your production line or industrial process


Next to texture, taste, look and colour, we also try to optimise the nutritional value of your potato products. In fact, that’s the focus of many of our innovation efforts.

Other savoury food

We love to experiment, push the boundaries and bring a spark of creativity to all sorts of savoury food.


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